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Hope Filled Futures



How a typical orphan rescue happens

Posted by [email protected] on January 10, 2015 at 4:25 AM

Sunday afternoon Tim receives a text message from a friend that says an infant is in need of rescuing. After prayer and discussion, we call back to say that we will go and investigate the situation. Monday afternoon Tim and his friend head to the village of Bafot to see how bad the situation is. When they arrive at the families house they find a 2 room mud block home (one room is for the indoor kitchen, the other room is where 4 adults and one infant live). The infants mother is mentally and physically impaired and unable to care for the baby, the grandfather is legally blind and the only other adult at the home during the day. Tim sits down and talks with the family and the decision is made to rescue the infant (we try and work with families to keep the children there but sometimes the children need to be rescued). We have the family sign papers that they give the children to us (GTS/HFF) and can not take them back (the child can return on their own after they turn 18 if they desire but they can't be forced by the family to go back to the village). We also want the paperwork to be witnessed and signed by the village Fon and/or the government people. In this case the Quarterhead came by to sign the paperwork. This time the Uncles asked if they could come by the Born's home to see where the baby would be going. So they all traveled back to Tim's home with the baby. We then sat with the family and talked with them some more before we gave them some money for gas to travel back to their village.

So now we have Daniel who was 6 days old when he came to stay in our home until he is strong enough to stay in the village at GTS. We also have started looking for someone who can help care for him and help Constance with the food prep etc...

Here are some pictures of Daniels village home and family.


the 2 room mudblock home (left is kitchen)                                  the toilet


Granfather with Daniel                                          Tim during family meeting

Mother: she couldn't care for/hold baby                                       Quarterhead signing paperwork


Daniel getting settled in                                                                   Much happier now: well fed and warm

We love what we do here in Cameroon! Even though sleep will be rare for a couple of months it is well worth it.

Blessings -- Sara Born

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